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01 April 20

Gearklamp GK Bessey - Works “big” in a small space

BESSEY is introducing a first of its kind in the world with the GearKlamp GK: The clamp that conveniently masters clamping applications in a perfect way – even in the tightest spaces. For example, the compact BESSEY GearKlamp GK can be skill used even in places that were previously difficult or impossible for clamping tools to access.


Unique compact design
The GearKlamp is extremely flexible and can even be used in the tightest of spatial conditions:
- due to the patented mechanism that separates the handle from the spindle and positions it around the rail;
- due to the crossed v-grooves on the upper section for securely holding round, pointed and angular components


Robust technology

Meeting the BESSEY quality promise was a focus in development, and so the transmission clamp is also a winning choice in terms of durability:
- due to the use of high-quality materials, such as fibreglass-reinforced polyamide for the top and bottom, as well as hardened, tempered and burnished steel for the profiled rails;
- due to the sliding bar’s plastic housing, the driving mechanism is protected from dust and splintering


Ergonomic use

The clamp contains all kinds of clamping technology and guarantees the user greater comfort:
- due to the high-quality two-component plastic handle for safe handling
- due to the quick-release shift button for quickly adjusting the sliding bar
- due to the swivelling pressure plate for exact alignment of the workpiece


The new GearKlamp GK from BESSEY makes it conveniently possible 
without additional aids, with enhanced ergonomics, with reduced risk of damage or injury


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