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01 April 20

Lukas - Always the right tool

As of January 2017, Bolas, S.A. will represent in the Portuguese market and Portuguese speaking countries the German company Lukas, a specialist in the manufacture of innovative solutions and high performance tools.


The extensive product range (more than 4.500 references) includes mounted points, cutting and grinding discs, tungsten carbide burrs, diamond and air tools, as well as numerous custom solutions.


Completely "made in Germany" and according to the most demanding safety and quality standards (OSA, DIN EN ISO 9001 and VDA 6.4), the Lukas product range offers industry-wide solutions (auto, aerospace, construction, energy, casting, metalworking, molds, naval, etc.), organized in the catalog according to the most recommended applications.


Founded in 1937 and with worldwide distribution, the brand is committed to continuous innovation, foreseeing to achieve a turnover of € 140.000.000,00 in 2020.


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