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01 April 20


Metabo is expanding its range of angle grinders with a series of powerful rat tail design machines. In applications where, until now, only large heavy angle grinders weighing up to six kilograms were used, the new Metabo tools are in a class of their own at less than three kilograms.


With their sleek handle, the rat tail angle grinders are especially ergonomic to use – ideal for sustained grinding work even above head height. Professionals, particularly those working on heavy steelwork, the construction of special vehicles, or in shipyards or the construction of pipework, can work efficiently and safely with the rat tail grinders.


Weighing in at just 2.9 kilograms, the WEPBA 19-180 Quick RT is one of the lightest 180-millimetre angle grinders in the market, and it is ideal for grinding welded joints especially those encountered in long shift period industrial grinding operations. The reduced strain on the user reduces break periods generated by fatigue. Thanks to its improved cooling system, the tried-and-trusted Metabo marathon motor produces 1,900 watts of power. In addition, a specially optimised carbon brush system doubles the service life.


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