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01 April 20

Stabila LAX 300 G

Compared to conventional red lasers, green lasers offer three crucial advantages: the laser lines are four times more visible than red lasers, they are razor sharp and are suitable for a larger working area thanks to their brightness and clarity. Reason enough for STABILA to equip the new LAX 300 G cross line plus plumb point laser with STABILA GreenBEAM technology, which enables you to work quickly and directly on the fine laser lines at distances of up to 30 m away. And it provides the best conditions for craftsmen to increase their work productivity and avoid marking errors.


The LAX 300 G laser functions include a horizontal line, a vertical line as well as plumb-line dots upwards and downwards. The vertical line almost covers the entire room. You can therefore perform plumb-line and levelling work on the floor, wall and ceiling at the same time.


In addition to the LAX 300 G laser, the 4-piece set consists of a target plate, wall bracket, belt pouch and three AA 1.5 V batteries.


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