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01 April 20

Metabo new cordless blind rivet gun NP 18 LTX BL 5.0

Rivet in just seconds with the new Cordless blind rivet gun by Metabo


  • Extremely fast, comparable to compressed air devices

  • Powerful and long service life thanks to brushless motor and robust precision drive

  • The first cordless rivet gun compatible with an overall 18 volt system


Metabo now offers a riveting option. The new cordless blind rivet gun sets rivets in just seconds. The NP 18 LTX BL 5.0 only takes roughly one second per rivet. That makes Metabo's cordless rivet gun twice as fast as other comparable tools on the market, and helps it easily keep up with compressed air devices. In contrast to compressed air tools, however, you won't have to deal with any hoses. Prepare and attach panels – with this additional product, Metabo covers standard panel finishing processes in the 18 volt class; the NP 18 LTX BL 5.0 is the first cordless rivet gun on the market compatible with a full system of 18 volt machines.


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