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09 December 19

IPC Steam generators

Steam is the most efficient, effective and cost-saving cleaning method. IPC Group offers a wide range of steam generators to meet all cleaning and sanitizing needs.

09 December 19

IPC Fuel free high pressure cleaners

The new IPC high pressure washers with electric boiler are designed to operate effectively in environments where gas emissions are not allowed.

03 December 19

Telwin Technomig 240 Wave

Technomig 240 Wave is a multiprocess inverter welding machine with a Wave OS operating system, making welding operations simple and immediate.

18 October 19

Inauguration of Bolas SA new Logistic Centre

On September 21st last Bolas SA inaugurated its new Logistic Centre in Évora, at the same time carrying out Telwin's Seminar.

16 October 19


The professional steam generator that assures excellent results everywhere. It is able to dissolve the most stubborn dirt and eliminate germs and bacteria at the same time.

16 October 19

IPC PW-H28 and PW-H100

The Stainless Steel High Pressure Washers. The reliable response to everyday heavy-duty applications, ideal for those who face everyday heavy-duty applications.

04 October 19

Telwin XT Range: the “eXTreme” side of welding

The XT range is the new line of welding machines by Telwin with “eXTreme” character. Powerful and strong, they are made for welders in the most demanding work environments.

04 October 19

Telwin Electromig 430 Wave

A new concept of intelligence and efficiency applied to welding. Multiprocess inverter welding machine that combines excellent performance (high power) and advanced technology.

04 October 19

Telwin D-Arc 200

D-ARC 200 is the innovative welding system for washers and pins to speed up straightening of aluminium sheet metal.

04 October 19

Telwin Technomig 260 Dual Synergic

In the wake of the great success of the Technomig Dual Synergic range, Telwin presents model 260. Flexible to use, it can work on various thicknesses.

27 May 19

METABO: New SDS-max brushless hammers

The new SDS-max combination and chipping hammers in the 5 kilo, 8 kilo and 11 kilo class are all of equipped with powerful and robust brushless motors.

27 May 19

METABO: New Cordless Metal Cutting Circular Saw MKS 18 LTX 58

Fast and precise cuts with the new cordless metal cutting circular saw from Metabo for metal grids, steel and profile sheets with matching guide rails.

27 May 19

Brushless cordless drill/screwdriver, cordless hammer drill 18 V

Fast and handy: Metabo presents its first brushless cordless drill/screwdriver in the compact class.

27 May 19

METABO: New 12 volt machines

Less is actually more – this is proven by the new 12 volt machines from Metabo – Small design, plenty of power.

20 March 19

TELWIN: Electromig 550 Synergic

Power evolution. Power combined with simplicity of use to guarantee you always the best results.

08 February 19

Celebrate 130 years of STABILA with us

Limited-edition spirit level sets: 1889 Edition. “Be a True Pro ” competition - Take part and win.

15 October 18

Telwin Vision 180

Panoramic viewing area for the welding mask by true colors.

15 October 18

Telwin Drive PRO 12 & Drive PRO 12/24

The Drive range of lithium multifunctional starters becomes PRO with the new Drive Pro 12 (12V) and Drive Pro 12/24 (12/24V).

15 October 18

Telwin Doctor Charge - also for lithium batteries!

The Doctor Charge range never stops to surprise with its countless features. The doctor of the batteries... also for lithium ones!

15 October 18

Telwin Infinity Tig 225 DC-HF/LIFT VRD

Infinity Tig 225 is the new TIG inverter welding machine, with high frequency HF or LIFT striking that allows pulse welding (PULSE).

03 October 18

Metabo new combination hammer KH 5-40

The new SDS-max combination hammer from Metabo is robust, fast and safe, a power tool which should be available on every construction site.

10 July 18

Gearklamp GK Bessey - Works “big” in a small space

BESSEY is introducing a first of its kind in the world with the GearKlamp GK: The clamp that conveniently masters clamping applications in a perfect way – even in the tightest spaces.

07 June 18

Stabila new electronic angle finder TECH 700 DA

One tool – three functions: digital electronic angle finder, spirit level and bevel gauge. Accurate angle determination in the range from 0° – 270°.

06 June 18

Metabo new cordless blind rivet gun NP 18 LTX BL 5.0

The new cordless blind rivet gun NP 18 LTX BL 5.0 only takes roughly one second per rivet, and helps it easily keep up with compressed air devices.

06 June 18

Metabo new cordless impact driver SSD 18 LTX 200

There is no real competition in terms of efficienty for the new cordless impact driver SSD 18 LTX 200 BL from Metabo: fast and compact.

06 June 18

Metabo new battery packs LiHD 8.0, 5.5 and 4.0 Ah

The battery pack evolution continues: with the new LiHD generation, Metabo sets again standards in terms of performance and capacity with 8.0, 5.5 and 4.0 Ah.

26 April 18

Expomecânica – 20/22 April – EXPONOR

Expomecânica trade fair 2018 was held last weekend, where we presented the latest news for the auto industry.

21 February 18

Beta – National Dealers Seminar 2018

Held on the 17.02.18, at Hotel Montebelo Viseu, Beta anual dealers seminar gathered about 170 participants.

11 January 18


New LAX 50 G cross line laser from STABILA: Simple. Better. Visible. The cost-efficient all-rounder with bright green laser lines.

25 October 17

Stabila LAR 350

NEW WORLDWIDE! A fully automatic rotary laser for both horizontal and vertical applications as well as 2-axis inclination.

16 October 17

Telwin Doctor Start

There’s a doctor even for starting! The Telwin professional starters range is enhanced by the new Doctor Start 330 and 630.

13 October 17

Telwin Repair Systems

3 solutions for all your body shop needs

11 October 17


Half the weight, maximum productivity and maximum safety: the new Rat Tail Angle Grinder for heavy steelwork, from Metabo .

11 October 17


Handy power pack for the separation of roof tiles, stone slabs and metal: the new 180 millimetre rat tail angle grinder from Metabo.

11 October 17


Extremely light, flat and powerful, the new brushless random orbital sanders from Metabo.

28 September 17


Metabo 2nd Generation of Brushless LTX Screwdrivers and Impact Drills are now available with 3 Speeds!

28 September 17


2X longer service life of the Metabo angle grinders with the new carbon brush system.

28 September 17


STABILA is proud to present its new website which boasts a clear, modern, customer-friendly design.

28 September 17

Stabila LAX 300 G

New cross line plus plumb point laser with GreenBEAM technology. Optimum visibility in bright indoor lighting conditions.

10 February 17

Bolas, S.A. new website is now online!

The design and iconography are the responsibility of the grandson of Bolas' founder, the contents are fully developed by the Marketing Department of the company.

10 February 17

Lukas - Always the right tool

As of January 2017, Bolas, S.A. will represent the German company Lukas, a specialist in the manufacture of innovative solutions and high performance tools.

10 February 17

New Metabo website in Portuguese now online!

From now on you have at your disposal, without any language barrier, a range of information for consultation and download.

10 February 17

Telwin – new catalogue, website and corporate image

The spirit of initiative that has always distinguished TELWIN has led the brand to renew its image with the launch of a new logo, website and general catalog.

10 February 17

New Metabo Cordless Angle Grinder WPB 36 LTX

More than a new product: The world's first large cordless angle grinder from Metabo is the first representative of a new generation of power tools.

10 February 17

New Metabo Rotary Hammers SDS PLUS

The new SDS-plus rotary hammers from Metabo in the 2 kilo class impress with fast drilling output, robust design and optimal ergonomics.

10 February 17

New Metabo Cordless Taper GB 18 LTX BL QI

The cordless multi-talented GB 18 LTX BL Q I is the first battery-powered tapper with drill/driver function on the market.

10 February 17

Telwin Wave OS

Wave OS is designed to turn welding into a totally unique experience, customised to suit the individual needs of operators.

10 February 17

Telwin Doctor Charge 130

A new doctor has arrived: TELWIN DOCTOR CHARGE 130, the new battery manager!

10 February 17

Telwin Startzilla

Need help? Here's Startzilla: The S.O.Solver! The new 12-24V starter and tester with LiPo lithium batteries, designed for the professional use.


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