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Description: Screw and piston compressors. Accessories.


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Italian manufacturer of piston compressors and screw compressors. Founded in Bologna in 1952, it owns two manufacturing units for a production capacity of 8500 piston compressors/day and 7500 screw compressors/year. From the design phase to distribution, Fini controls the entire manufacturing process.

It is present in over 115 countries worldwide and has an annual turnover above 250 million Euros. 


Professional piston Catalogue

Mini CUBE Catalogue

Cube Catalogue

Micro plus Catalogue

Plus 15 Bar Catalogue

K-Max 5.5 - 15 KW Catalogue

K-Max 18.5 - 90 KW Catalogue

K-Max TS 75 - 315 KW Catalogue

Air treatment Catalogue

Oil-free scroll compressors Catalogue

Long life kit for rotary screw compressors

Maintenance kit for piston compressors


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